What Clients Love About Tribeca Luxe Hair



I have been using Tribeca Luxe hair extensions for the last year. The quality of the extensions is amazing. My stylist is able to color them perfectly to match my color. It gives my extensions such a natural look. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with Tribeca Luxe hair! - @trinatreenz

Amazing Quality

I’ve worn extensions for years and have tried every high end brand. Tribeca luxe extensions are my favorite by far! Amazing quality worth the money! I would recommend these extensions if you have never tried them! I love them! - @anjo_75


I purchased my Tribeca Luxe extensions about 9 months ago. The hair quality is amazing, I’m absolutely obsessed with them. By far the best extensions I have ever used, and I’ve tried it all!  The hair is so soft, easy to style, and light weight. Despite having the hair 9 months, it is still in excellent condition. The extensions are amazing, and the only ones I will use from here on out! - @leniebabii

Exceeded Expectations

Naturally I have short, very thin hair and decided to give tape in extensions a try. Tribeca Luxe extensions exceeded my expectations and made me a believer in tape ins! Right away you’ll notice how natural and soft they are which made it so much easier to blend in with my natural hair. My first purchase was the 18” tape in extensions and that lasted me about a year (even after coloring them a few times!) I’ve only just recently bought new ones (22”) because I wanted to go with a longer look, again, I couldn’t believe how well they blended. Overall, I am very happy with this product. Definitely my go-to! - @lindsee_alach

Couldn’t Be Happier

I've worn beaded in weft extensions on and off for awhile now. I always have a hard time finding a good thickness for my hair. And I always hated how my dark color would fade but my extensions didn't and you could see where my natural hair was which meant I was aways coloring my hair. I tried Tribeca Luxe for the first time in their weft color Noir. I am a stylist so I colored them to match the soft black color of my hair. I was so impressed how the extensions mimicked my natural hair. I never had a drastic change in tone from the extensions and my natural. And they have lasted 6 months so far. Since first trying them I have been using them on my clients and couldn't be happier. - @hairthug